The first owner, George Lodewijks, once runned the famous cafe Aas van Bokalen and wanted to start a cafe-restaurant in the 70’s. In 1975 he bought the building along the Spuistraat and turned it in to a bistro.

The walls were tiled and the restaurant was decorated with church benches along the walls. The restaurant, in those days, was a bit smaller. After an alteration in 1998 the restaurant was extended to 74 seats, we still have them in 2016.

As from the beginning we follow his philosophy to serve high quality and pure products in a comfertable atmosphere. Everything is possible at Lucius seafood restaurant. If guests require special preparations for their fish or would like like to share certain dishes, that is all fine ! It belongs to the service we are happily providing at Lucius Seafood restaurant. Lucius Seafood restaurant is still standing on the strong base as set by George Lodewijks. He is still advising us and will always be connected to the restaurant.

As from day one, Lucius has always been a place for national and international guests. For many years we are receiving guests from all over the world. Guests from Russia, United states, China and England.

Nowadays we provide our guests a menu in nine languages. Of course we are also visited by guests from our local area and the rest of the Netherlands who have been loyal guests for many years.

We are proud of our restaurant atmosphere, we don’t use stylists but maintain the cosy authentic lay-out like it was from the beginning. The fact that we had to replace the chairs after 20 years made that we just replaced them for exact the same ones.